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Our Story

We are the Nowrey-Parents, otherwise known as Catrina and Billy. 

introduce to us, my name is Catrina Nowrey , I'm writing about our family and adoption story. I'm married to my husband William as his nick name is Billy. We re together for 11 years but married for 8 Years on September 6, 2008. Billy and I are deaf . Before we tried to have a children. We re working at New Jersey school for the deaf. Im working one to one aide with pre school. I am work there for 11 years now. work with lot of different special needs with deaf children who have a special needs. I do enjoy and LOVE work with deaf children with special need. My husband work High school and teacher aide for 16 years also Head Coach for soccer for 16 years too, and basketball coach aide.  We have 3 pugs and 3 cats but right now we have 2 pugs and 3 cats. We was trying to get pregnant and been see the specialist doctor. We had successful pregnant from IVF twice but lost. It been lot of struggle for us because we wants to have a children. 

I told my husband, I decided want to adopt the child from China because it's was my dream since I was 17 years old.  So we finally ahead decision because I know its very expensive but GOD told us to ahead and do what we can do is best. We saw our sweet Ramona in the children adoption list and knowing she was deaf like us we felt that is right daughter and fit in us . Its s was challenge year for us to think about money and etc. But right now everything is successful and Ramona is in our arm. See the next story about our sweet Ramona. 

We decide want to add another child from china in our family , Ramona would be feeling the same culture and siblings from china. 

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