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All about Ramona Melissa!

We have one gorgeous, energetic , sweet Ramona Melissa Nowrey! We adopted our sweet Ramona last year , May 30th 2016 in China. First time we met her in China, we already felt bonded and lot of happy tears! She is smart and very sweet. Ramona have lot of different personality. I love about her personality! When Ramona came in USA and she is doing good. Ramona is learning so quick in ASL ( America Sign Language ) which is she is deaf like her parents and Cody. Ramona is very curious and love to learning everyday. She is amazing! our family loves her very much. She got everyone's attention.

One day She learned about the family in her class. After school , she came to us and she want have another sibling. We did talked to her and she is ready to have a sibling. We decided and time for us to adopt another handsome boy! We got the email and looked at the boy. This is Ramona brother CODY! Ramona is very exciting to have him soon next year! HOPFULLy!

Meet the Nowrey  parents 

We are Catrina  and Billy

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