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Hello Everyone !! Hope everyone doing alright, We re doing great.. People asked me where can donate to? IF you would like to help and donate .. Please mail to our agency with the information but I can't give you the Chinese name .. please email me for Chinese name ( CODY's Chinese name ) so you can write it down on his Chinese name with add NOWREY on memo for a check.

QUESTION- does they can do write taxes off?? YES they can! just ask for receipt in the letter with a check. if you have any question , please email me and we re more than glad to give you an answer. We will be thankful to have your help us to bring our sweet CODY come home like Ramona did last year. We want to say thank you for everything to help us bring our sweet RAMONA coming home from USA so now next is CODY.

Here the information that you can send a check to

Hand in Hand

2519 S. Shields # 106

Fort Collins, CO 80526

payment to Hand in Hand , memo ( Chinese name and add to NOWREY ) - remember email me for Chinese name and I can give to yo.

Thank you for your time to read our blog and hope the successful that god can lead us to bring Cody come home! We love yoU!!

Meet the Nowrey  parents 

We are Catrina  and Billy

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 payment to Hand in Hand 
2519 S. Shields # 106. Fort Collins, Co 80526
Cody Chinese name- send me private message and I can give to you 
taxes write off too. 
any questions,
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